The Global Association of Economics Education (GAEE) is pleased to announce the commencement of the essay contest on the democratization of North Korea’s economy, hosted in partnership with the NGO Youth Forum of North Korea Democratization (YFNKD). The competition is honored to have sponsorship from the Ministry of Unification, a South Korean governmental agency aimed at promoting Korean reunification.

With the intention of raising awareness on the North Korean economy, the contest provides middle-school and high-school students with the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the key aspects of the DPRK’s current state of the economy and the effects of future democratization on the country’s economy and its people. Participants will be expected to write an essay covering one of these topics:

  • North Korea Economy: Comparing North and South Korea’s economy, what are the advantages of each economy and should there be a joint enterprise, what would be done; Under the circumstances investing in North Korea is allowed, which area would you invest in?; Is there any country, company or organization that were in a similar situation as North Korea that showed growth in the economy, and what is the possible way to do so?; What is the potential of North Korea’s economy in a free economy setting and what is the area with the most potential?
  • Impacts of North Korea Democratization on the labor forces, legislation, individual life, culture, and education of its citizen.

Please note that interested applicants should submit the essay by October 16th via this form. For more details about eligibility and grading criteria, kindly visit and email [email protected].