About GAEE

We are an NGO founded and led by students to promote economics education, personal finance, and entrepreneurship incubation for our peers in marginalized communities and underserved school systems across ten countries. With a love for economics, we are bonded by a desire to democratize access to this exciting subject—making it available for everyone, not just for those pursuing economic priesthood.

“Two-thirds of the world’s population still don’t have access to economics education. We want to change that. I believe every student should be able to understand opportunity cost or read a balance sheet.

Le Dong Hai Nguyen, GAEE’s Founder & Chairman

Behind the Wheel

GAEE is entirely led by young people—high school, undergraduate, graduate students, and aspiring economists. Our network of 1500+ changemakers across ten countries are working tirelessly to make economics education accessible to everyone.

Much of our strength as a student-led movement is derived from our passionate network of 1500+ members. Our chapter leaders are the backbone of this tight-knit network that spans across Asia, Africa, the Americas, Europe, and Oceania.

What the experts are saying about us

Richard Boucher, Fmr OECD Deputy Secretary-General & Assistant United States Secretary of State

I’m excited to participate in this global, economic program organized by the GAEE. I very much look forward to reading and hearing the creative, practical, thoughtful, and politically-feasible ideas that will come out of this worldwide thinking process.

Dr. Shailu Singh, Professor of Economics at Delhi University

Bridging the gap between theory and real-world is indeed a skill that would be highly sought after in the post-pandemic world—and GAEE managed to do so with a very interactive and personalized approach. In addition to over thirty colleges from across the country, the National Council of Educational Research and Training has expressed interest in joining GAEE.

Sir Ivor Roberts KCMG FCIL, Fmr British Ambassador to Yugoslavia, Ireland, and Italy & President of Trinity College Oxford University

This programme promises to be groundbreaking and highly intellectually stimulating. I am delighted to participate and am anticipating some striking innovative, imaginative and reflective thoughts emerging from this global exercise

GAEE is a non-governmental not-for-profit organization recognized as a member of the World Economics Association and in partnership with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs through the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Action no. 36897.

We are committed to the promotion of economics education, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship incubation for students in developing countries and marginalized communities. GAEE does not provide financial nor commercial services.

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