British Council’s International English Language Testing System, or IELTS™, today certifies GAEE as an official “IELTS™ Recognising Organisation.”

As a multinational nonprofit and nongovernmental organization, GAEE strives to adapt to the greatest standard of the industry, including our professional employment criteria. From now on, applicants to leadership positions at GAEE can simply quote their IELTS™ TRF Number (no need to order a physical copy). Thanks to our partnership with IELTS™ USA and the British Council, GAEE has been recognized as an official IELTS™ Recognising Organisation and can directly verify or download the IELTS testing results from our end. Applicants can also desinate GAEE to receive your test results when registering for the IELTS™ exam.

Along with IELTS, GAEE also accepts Doulingo and TOEFL (though we need a physical copy to verify the integrity of your results) or a direct interview to examine your English proficiency. All administrative positions and volunteer leadership opportunities are required to have IELTS 6.5+ as a minimum.

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