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 The Global Association of Economics Education (GAEE) is a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit and NGO that empowers students across the globe with economics education, financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

Meet the Team

Hai "DoHa" Nguyen

Hai "DoHa" Nguyen

Founder & Executive Director

DoHa has harbored a strong passion for economics since early ages. He started GAEE as a local academic organization in 2017 and expanded it into a global nonprofit in only two years. He was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) in recognition of his contribution to economics education on a global scale.

Mambi de Giraffe

Mambi de Giraffe

Fundraising Manager, Europe Director

Mambi graduates from University College London with a BA in Economics and Business with East European Studies. Joining GAEE since its early days, Mambi is an eccentric yet exceedingly productive leader. Besides managing our fundraising operations, Mambi supervises the UK and Germany branches of GAEE.
Hannah Nguyen

Hannah Nguyen

Secretary, Campaign Manager

Hannah has been interested in economics and finance for a long time. Before joining GAEE, Hannah graduated from Bath University with an MSc in Accounting and Finance with Distinction. In addition to supervising the records of the organization, she effectively manages our campaigns and recruits new members.
Nuray Salina

Nuray Salina

Central Asia Director

Nuray supervises GAEE’s operations in Kazakhstan and promotes our global expansion plan in Central Asia. Prior to her undergraduate studies at University of Washington, Nuray was a student at the rigorous Nazarbayev Intellectual School.
Ann "Bavarian" Nguyen

Ann "Bavarian" Nguyen

Indochina Director, CORE Education Team Manager

Ann joined GAEE Vietnam as a volunteer last year and now supervises our operations in Indochina. She studied as Luong The Vinh High School for the Gifted before studying Finance at Bentley University.
Kiara Coleman

Kiara Coleman

Public Relations Director

Kiara is studying Science Communication at the Australian National University. She supervises the student-led media team and is responsible to our public relations matters. Kiara is establishing our first chapter in Oceania.

Victor Huerta

Victor Huerta

Latin America Director

Victor studies at Colegio Cumbres De Villa Floresta School in Mexico. He became a member of GAEE early this year and is deeply interested in learning economics. Victor supervised our future expansion plan in Mexico and Brasil.

Ruffa Manicdao

Ruffa Manicdao

Philippines Director

Ruffa established one of the very first GAEE-affiliated clubs in Southeast Asia in 2017. Studying at Magalang Christian Ecumenical School, she supervises the operations of GAEE in the Philippines.

Ding Liao

Ding Liao

China Director

Ding joined GAEE last year when he established an economics club for his Wenzhou Xiangyu High School. Ding supervises the operations of our academic clubs in Mainland China and Hong Kong SAR.
Malak Elaouinate

Malak Elaouinate

Africa Director

Malak supervises our operations in Morocco and lead our South Africa expansion plan. Before pursuing a Business degree at University of Massachusetts, Malak studied at The American School of Marrakech.



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Record number of new GAEE Chapters despite promotion halted

As a strategic part of the GAEE's Silk Road Plan, GAEE decided to temporarily pause our recruitment and promotion plans for this winter to focus on supporting and expanding current chapters. Inspite of this halt, we have witnessed a record number of demonstrated...

GAEE becomes an official IELTS™ Recognising Organisation

British Council's International English Language Testing System, or IELTS™, today certifies GAEE as an official "IELTS™ Recognising Organisation." As a multinational nonprofit and nongovernmental organization, GAEE strives to adapt to the greatest standard of the...

GAEE to receive prestigious GuideStar’s Silver Transparency Status

GuideStar, the reputable nonprofit database and ranking websites, today awarded GAEE the prestigious "Silver Transparency Status" in recognition of our compliance with the highest standards of the industry. As a young and entirely student-led NGO, recognition from...

GAEE’s Member won the Young Economist of the Year award

We are delighted to report that GAEE's Le Dong Hai Nguyen has won a High Commendation from the Royal Economic Society and been named one of the 'Young Economists of the Year 2019'. The UK's Royal Economic Society (RES) and the Financial Times (FT) today announced the...

GAEE’s Home App highly commended by top US Tech News Site

The Gizmodo Blog, a top technology news websites by the G/O Media Inc. (which also owns The Onion, Lifehacker, io9, Jezebel), has recently commended the GAEE's Home App on an article about economics education. The article, titled "How Technology is Helping the Reform...

GAEE successfully organized the Southeast Asia Month 2019

This August+September, we launched a month-long program known as GAEE's Southeast Asia Month 2019 that gathered the participation of thousands of scholars, policymakers, educators and students in Southeast Asian nations. In a province of Central Vietnam alone, the...

Global Association of Economics Education receives UN CSO Partner status

The Global Association of Economics Education (GAEE) has been formally recognized by the United Nations’ UNPP as a CSO Partner under the Community-based NGO section. Founded in 2017, GAEE is an international nonprofit and nongovernmental organization led entirely by students with the mission of “empowering youth generations with economics education, entrepreneurship skills, and financial literacy,” according to the nonprofit’s website. Recently, the United Nations began to grant the recognition and partner statuses to some youth-development and student-led organizations, notably the International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences (AIESEC) – now the world’s most successful and largest youth-run organization.

Global Association of Economics Education Launches ‘GAEE’s Silk Road Plan’

The Global Association of Economics Education (GAEE) and founder Le Dong Hai “DoHa” Nguyen is pleased to announce the global expansion plan of the organization, GAEE’s Silk Road Plan, that seeks to connect five thousand junior economists, financiers and entrepreneurs across four continents by 2021 through a network of its affiliated academic clubs, workshops, and hackathons.

GAEE begins the beta testing stage for its flagship app

The Global Association of Economics Education announces today that selected members in its worldwide network can opt in the BETA Testing Program for its GAEE's Home App, the first Economics Learning online platforms for all major operating systems. The App, which is...

Microsoft, AIESEC, Google among GAEE’s Partners & Patrons list

Since our establishment in 2017, GAEE has been fortunate to receive donations, grants and establish partnership with many influential corporations, organizations and institutions across the world. To commemorate their contributions to our achievements over the past 2...

GAEE succeeds IEEI after restructuring’s grace period

The Indochinese Economic Education Initiative (IEEI) announces today that it will be permanently dissolved and replaced by the Global Association of Economics Education (GAEE), a newly founded nonprofit in the United States. The move comes after the transitional...

Media Guidelines For Press

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At a glance

Our Mission

Advocating for the empowerment of economics education, financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills for students across the globe. Fueling the reforms of economics education on a global scale. Facilitating the incubation of the youth generation.

Our Members

Currently, GAEE features 1500+ members in our 50+ GAEE-affiliated academic clubs, forums and workshops in 8 countries across Asia, Africa, Americas and Europe. We expect to expand to 18 countries by 2021 with the “GAEE’s Silk Road Plan.”

Our Donors

GAEE has been fortunate to receive generous support and establish partnership with many local and international organizations, including United Nations, AIESEC, Google, VUSTA, Microsoft, IAE, as well as individual donors and supporters.

Legal information

Status of Incorporation

Global Association of Economics Education Inc. is incorporated at Boston at the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, United States of America. Our Certificate of Incorporation can be obtained by searching our business name in the official corporate database of the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Membership Verification

GAEE’s Privacy Policy restricts us from reporting the full name and other private information of our members, friends, and volunteers. If you want to publicize your involvement with GAEE, you may do so at your own discretion. While we would normally deny a request to verify an individual’s membership status, in certain ethical situations (such as a university suspect its applicants’ lies about their experiences with GAEE), we may make an exception. The extent of information we shared with 3rd party on these situations will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Nonprofit Status

Global Association of Economics Education Inc. is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service, a division of the United States Department of the Treasury, as a 501(c)(3) public charity. Our Letter of Determination, as well as Annual Reporting and Filling, can be obtained via the Tax Exempt Organization Search on the IRS website by searching EIN 83-4578590.

Proof of Donation

GAEE’s Privacy Policy restricts us from reporting the full name and other private information of our patrons and donors. In our Hall of Fame list for Patrons, we only display the first initials and general location of our major patrons. If you are a patron and would like to publicize your donation, you are free to do so at your discretion. Our Appreciation Letter sent via the email provided when a donation is made can be served as the proof of donation. GAEE will deny any request to verify an individual’s claim about their donation to GAEE. 

NGO Status

GAEE’s record as a student-led, civil-society and non-profit organization has facilitated our membership in the NGO Branch of DGC (formerly DPI), the Civil Society Network of ECOSOC, the UN Partner Portal of UNHCR, UNICEF and WFP. We engage with multiple UN agencies and share sustainable development goals, especially education ones, of the UN.

Membership Count

Although GAEE strives to keep a record of our membership count from our affiliated academic clubs across the world, we are currently unable to report an exact number. Based on statistics of past GAEE’s events, programs, forum and number of active members in the GAEE Panel and our Online Group platforms, we estimate a number of more than 1500 members. Please note that this number does not include our Volunteers and Friends, which as of December 2019 are estimated to be 5717 people (based on the number of active contacts in our Online Group platforms).

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Global Association of Economics Education Inc. dba GAEE is a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated in the United States of America with EIN 83-4578590 and a CSO nongovernmental organization recognized by the UN.

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