The Gizmodo Blog, a top technology news websites by the G/O Media Inc. (which also owns The Onion, Lifehacker, io9, Jezebel), has recently commended the GAEE’s Home App on an article about economics education. The article, titled “How Technology is Helping the Reform of Economics Education,” examined how technologies are changing the course of economics education. Various quotes from Le Dong Hai Nguyen, our Executive Director, has been cited to demonstrate the needs for reforms in this field. Besides mentioning the National Economics Challenge of the National Council on Economics Education, the Gizmodo Blog talked about how GAEE successfully launched the first economics learning app for mobile platforms. “The App is the first of its kind to feature a full-spectrum of economics principles, financial literacies and entrepreneurship skills incubating lessons,” said the editorial team.

The recognition of our breakthrough app by one of the most prominent tech sites in the world proves the urgence of integrating latest advancement in web technologies into learning. As a bold example of e-learning and community-based services, the GAEE’s Home App has the potential to revolutionize how economics education can be taught amongst pre-undergraduate students who have no formal education in this field.

With that being said, we expect to launch the app early next year. Our Education CORE Team, BETA testers among our 1500+ member network and volunteer developers from the XDA-Developers Forum (the world’s largest Android developers’ forum) are actively testing and finalizing the app. Subscribe to our RSS Feed or follow us in social media to get the latest news regarding our development stages.