GAEE and the Youth Forum of North Korea Democratization are excited to announce the winners of our essay contest on the economy of North Korea. The competition is sponsored by the Ministry of Unification, a South Korean governmental agency committing to promoting inter-Korean peace and unification.

The winners of our competition are as follows:

Democracy Topic Winners
  • 1st place – Jiyoon Lim
  • 2nd place – Daniel Ho Kim
  • 3rd place – Kyu Bin Moon
Economics Topic Winners
  • 1st place – Sunghyun Lee
  • 2nd place – Younsu Kim
  • 3rd place – Siwoo Kim

For more details about this competition, please visit our previous press release article. Our competition was also featured on the front page of Big News Network, one of the world’s most trusted news source. We look forward to hosting more academic opportunities for students in the future.