A look back at the most significant achievements of GAEE in our second fantastic year. This year, GAEE is finally incorporated as a nonprofit organization in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Representative Offices and Branches across four continents are established in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Vietnam, China, the Philippines and New Zealand.

1. Legally incorporated as a nonprofit organization in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, United States.

After two years operating as an unincorporated nonprofit association (UNA), GAEE is finally incorporated as a nonprofit organization under Chapter 180 and Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. This put the fundamentals for GAEE to continue to expand our operations under the protection of U.S. Laws. Initially forming as a UNA in the Central Coast of Vietnam, GAEE quickly extends into an intercontinental organization through a diverse portfolio of partners and members. We hope to gain the 501(c)(3) status as a recognized nonprofit from the IRS next year.

2. Operated in four continents!

Since our very first days, GAEE’s mission has always been to spread the knowledge of economics, finance, and business for students across the globe. Starting at a small scale local organization in the town of Quang Ngai, GAEE quickly became a national nonprofit in Vietnam and gradually expanded across Asia. In 2018, GAEE’s Founder Nguyen Le Dong Hai “DoHa” started his journey studying abroad, thus making GAEE’s ambition to expand across the globe a reality. Through his diverse portfolio of connections, GAEE is now operating in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Vietnam, China, the Philippines, and New Zealand. We make geographical distances invisible by utilizing technologies in communication among GAEE branches and members all over the world.

3. Partnered and patronized by world’s renowned organizations.

Since GAEE officially incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, co-operation with big companies and corporations become much more accessible. Currently, GAEE appreciates the help and supports from many educational institutions, corporations and organizations, including Microsoft, Google, Reddit, Yandex, Canva, OpenStax at Rice University, Cambridge Education Group, WordPress, International Association of Economics Educators.

4. Developing full-spectrum solutions for learners.

Economics is a common subject and therefore, requires a common approach.

~ Hai “DoHa” Nguyen, GAEE Founder

GAEE strives to make Economics, Finance and Business digestible, interactive and fun. After all, is there any students want to stick themselves voluntarily in tedious and complicated lessons? We want to change that by making fundamental changes: replacing conventional learning method in a classroom or online settings by interactive video lessons and competitive assessments in the form of minigames, quizzes, debates!